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Restaurants are known for being a high-intensity workplace. Chefs and line cooks have to produce a large amount of high-quality food in a short time. This means that everyone has to work efficiently and cohesively. On top of this, it’s incredibly easy to get injured on the job.

If you’re working in a kitchen, here are some ways to minimize your risk of getting hurt:

  • Wear non-slip shoes

This is a requirement for all restaurants, and for a good reason. If you don’t follow this rule, you endanger yourself and those around you. It’s one thing to fall in the comfort of your own home, but falling in a bustling kitchen screams disaster, especially when you’re holding a knife or pot of hot oil.

  • Follow proper knife safety

If you’re using a knife, wear a cut glove on the hand opposite of the one using the knife. When you’re walking with a knife, alert those around you and never walk with the blade sticking out, unless you’re trying to grievously injure someone.

On top of this, follow the old saying, “a falling knife has no handle.” If you or someone drops a knife, don’t try to be a hero by catching it, it won’t end well. Jump back quickly and alert everyone to the falling knife.

  • Never put a knife in the sink

Okay, this one could probably go with the previous rule, but it definitely deserves its own rule. This is the cardinal rule of working in a kitchen. You can seriously hurt yourself or whoever else is washing dishes if they reach into a sink that’s full of soapy water and slice their hand on the knife. Most places have a dedicated place for dirty knives. If not, wash it yourself. It takes almost no time to properly wash a knife and put it back where it belongs.

  • Be careful with hot pots

When walking from one end of the kitchen to another with a hot pot, yell “hot pot” and walk slowly. Bumping into those around you can cause burns or make the floor slippery. If you do spill water, dry the floor as quickly as possible after you make sure people know of the potential hazard.

If the oil is spilled, make sure that every bit is cleaned up. Water may evaporate a bit on its own, but oil will stick around and trip anyone who walks on it.

Even if you follow all of these steps, you can’t always ensure that those around you do as well. Negligence is a leading cause of kitchen-related injuries and can quickly lead to serious injuries on behalf of the victim.

If you find yourself injured at the hands of someone else’s workplace negligence, contact Portner Bond, PLLC and get set up with an attorney who can help. Medical expenses and lost wages can pile up quickly if you’re injured on the, so make sure to get the help you deserve so that you’re back on your feet in no time.

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